It’s pretty safe to say most of us are fairly comfortable with using the photo filters on our cell phones. Come on, admit it, you know you have at least one or two go-to filters that you apply to any and all images featuring your fabulous face. It’s OK. With so many technological wonders at our fingertips, who wouldn’t want to take advantage, especially when it means making your face look slimmer, smoother and just plain perfect overall. However, what if we told you a Photoshopped-like face was possible sans filters and fancy photo apps? Read on to find out how to fake the Photoshop effect in mere seconds!

How to Look Photoshopped


That soft-focus camera effect that magically makes your skin look poreless and wrinkle-free can also be found in a makeup product. Not quite a primer and not quite a foundation, blur products help reflect light and “blur” imperfections, pores and lines on the face. Cool, right? You can wear these miracle creams under foundation, in place of or in conjunction with primer or by itself.

Product Recommendations: L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Miracle Blur, Lancôme Visionnaire (1 Minute Blur), Garnier 5 Second Blur Instant Smoother

Contour & Slim

We all have those features that are a point of insecurity for us: our noses, chins, foreheads. It doesn’t matter how lovely or flawless everything else is, all it takes is one feature or blemish to drive us completely insane. Well, lucky for us, a little smoke and mirrors in the form of contouring can minimize these imperfections and make us ready to smile for that camera. And, don’t think contouring is just about chiseling those cheekbones. No, contouring can be used to slim your nose and/or face, minimize your forehead and even make your boobs look bigger! Yes, please to all of that!

Conceal Everything

A little concealer goes a long way, especially when you use the right products. They can be the unsung heroes in your mission to cover up everything from under-eye circles, blemishes and acne, scars, etc. As a general makeup rule, we suggest you use a different concealer for your under-eye area than for the rest of your face. In fact, if you struggle specifically with dark circles and happen to have darker skin, try using red lipstick under your regular concealer for maximum coverage. Trust us, the results will floor you!

Product Recommendation: Maybelline Instant Age-Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment, Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil, Giorgio Armani Master Corrector

Plump ’Em

No need to use your photo app to fill out that upper lip. Get a fuller, picture-perfect pout that would make Kylie Jenner envious by enlisting lip plumping products or a clever lip liner trick. If you really want to go for the drama, combine the two for mega-full lips that are sure to stand out in your next selfie.

Lash It Up

Achieving bright, big eyes is often a focus in our photo editing, but the key to making this happen naturally (sans app, we mean) lies in your mascara. A good lengthening mascara could give you the long, luscious lashes of your Instagram dreams. If you really wanna make them stand out, try doubling up on your mascara and trying this trick. Trust us, you’ll be making waves on the social sphere!

Product Recommendation: Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara, YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux  Cils Baby Doll, L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Black Angel

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