Julia DiNardo Feb 15, 2012
If the drastic change in temperature has been giving your lips a lashing, take solace in these tips—they'll help you to achieve a picture-worthy, painted pout ASAP! Two renowned dermatologists, Dr. Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell and Dr. Alex A. Khadavi weighed in on the steps, products, and habits that can make or break healthy lips. #1 Check your medicine cabinet. "Be aware of your medications. Certain drugs like the retinoids used in cystic acne improve acne by reducing oil production all over...hence lip dryness is a common side effect of this drug," says Dr. Verallo-Rowell. #2 Boost bedtime hydration. "Frequently apply moisturizers, particularly petrolatum based ones like Aquaphor," says Dr. Khadavi. "This can be applied 4-5 times a day. Using it before going to sleep would be a good idea." #3 Slather and repair. "When looking for a lip moisturizer, look for a lot of petroleum jelly and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in a moisturizer/protection/treatment lip balm; VCO is great because it has fatty acids that are native to the cell walls of the skin to help heal inflamed/irritated skin," says Dr. Verallo-Rowell. #4 Seek cover. "Photo-contact dermatitis or any form of photo-allergy tends to dry up the lower lips much more than the upper lips," says Dr. Verallo-Rowell. "This kind of allergy is due to chemicals that are sun/light reactive...Being up in the slopes without a sunscreen may produce this kind of dermatitis more readily to contribute to lip drying." #5 Don't touch! "Stop licking your lips since [it can] dry out the lips," says Dr. Khadavi. #6 Rebuild collagen. "It can be helpful to use anti-aging products that contain growth factors that help re-stimulate collagen production and help rebuild the top layer of the skin of the lip," says Dr. Khadavi.


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