Here at MDC, we're always on the lookout for top-of-the-line beauty gurus to share advice on hair, makeup and skin care. Today, we are thrilled to have nail expert Kait Mosh share her unique ideas on how to keep your digits looking fabulous for fall.

Flowers don’t just bloom in the spring and summer seasons! To get a lovely fall floral mani, I took inspiration from Japanese silk kimonos and created a dark, sultry and sophisticated look. I’m so excited to share this super-easy tutorial with you!

dark metallic floral mani


●      Rubbing alcohol

●      Base coat (I used Deborah Lippmann's Gel Lab Base)

●      Metallic black and/or burgundy nail polish (Try essie nail polish in Licorice and/or Scarlett O’ Hara)

●      Bobby pins

●      Silver nail polish like essie Loophole

●      Gold nail polish like Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer The Holographs Collection in Bold Gold

●      Blue chrome nail polish like Giorgio Armani Beauty Nail Lacquer in Amethyst

●      Quick-drying top coat (I love Seche Vite)

Step 1. Start with clean, filed nails (cuticles pushed back, hangnails trimmed) wiped down with alcohol to free nail bed of any dirt or oils.

Step 2. Apply one coat of your favorite base.

Step 3. Paint two coats of a solid metallic black or burgundy nail shade. I couldn't choose which one I loved more, so I painted each nail half black, half burgundy. Allow five minutes to dry.

Step 4. Take a bobby pin and dip one end into the silver polish. Paint small and medium-sized flower shapes on each nail. Pro tip: The less polish on the bobby pin and pressure in application, the better the result!

Step 5.  Take a new, clean bobby pin and dip one end into the blue polish. This is your color for the center of the flowers. Paint one dot at the center of each flower, and gently move it around to blend with the silver chrome (similar to a watercolor effect).

Step 6.  Take another new, clean bobby pin and dip one end into gold polish. This color will be for your leaves. Paint two tiny dots on the edge of each flower, and lightly drag the polish from the center of the dot until desired shape is achieved.

Step 7.  Apply top coat and allow a few minutes for your mani to dry. Done!

Would you try this fall floral mani?
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