Diana Crisan Apr 1, 2015

Have you noticed how chaotic your makeup drawer looks lately? At this point, it’s probably becoming increasingly difficult to find your favorite eyeliner pencil or red lipstick. And we’re SURE that it’s affecting your AM beauty routine — not to mention that a messy drawer could mean germs, bacteria buildup and forgotten (expired!) beauty products! It’s time to wipe down those drawers, toss out the old mascara tubes and upgrade your storage.

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Clean Up & Classify

Not sure where to start? The best way is to just dig right in and take everything out of your makeup drawers. We’re sure there’s some misplaced bobby pins in there, broken compact powder, dirty brushes and maybe even…a spoon? Wipe everything down and then start grouping your beauty products together — lipstick with lipstick, blush with blush and so on — you can even color coordinate if you want to get fancy! This way, when you decide you want to rock some glitter eyeliner, you know exactly where it’ll be.

Store Your Stuff

Now that everything is clean and looks as good as new, you’re ready to return your beauty products to their new, squeaky-clean home. Before stashing your stuff back into a bare drawer, do a little makeup shopping — just kidding, we mean makeup storage shopping (or both)! We love these handy organizers:

Separate your lippies from your bronzers, liners, shadow singles, polish, pins and skincare products with drawer organizers and acrylic makeup containers that allow you to see your whole stash without riffling through everything — avoiding a big mess and the typical morning rush!

What are some ways you keep your makeup drawer nice and neat? Let us know in the comments below!

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