Charu Suri Feb 28, 2012

Do you worry that your makeup collection could come crashing down on you at any given moment? Then this post is for you! Although makeup storage is both an art and a science, it doesn’t have to be tedious. Take a clue from Barbara Reich—one of the most sought after professional organizers in the country, FYI—and relax. If you have a hard time letting go... We know—saying goodbye is so hard to do...especially when it comes to beauty products. But If you’re not going to open up and try something new, there’s no point it letting it gather dust, says Reich. Give yourself a deadline; if you have not used the product by a certain date on your calendar, then toss it. If you’re obsessed with packaging... So, you like pretty things? We totally understand. If space is an issue, you need to make a choice: “either have a museum of cosmetic packages or have a home,” says Reich. As far as display ideas go, Reich loves grouping on a tray which can sit on top of a dresser. Or, if you have so many (say, perfumes) that you want to show off, use your shelves and do a collection. You get a lot of visual impact by having similar, yet different items grouped together. If you’re a compartmentalizer... Every girl loves pretty storage! Try Cubby Cups for smaller, slimmer items like lip gloss and brushes, which can be affixed to a wall or vanity. If you have drawers to arrange your makeup in, buy several Acrylic Cosmetic Organizers from The Container Store to arrange your items neatly, and label them (see below). If you're into color coding... There’s nothing like beautifully color-coded makeup! Warm tones, cool tones and brushes of equal length assembled neatly can resemble poetry to some. Get round stickers in any color and affix these to the cosmetic trays, advises Reich. So everything that's red goes on drawers or trays with the red sticker etc. Then, you can store the groups by color. What are your makeup organizing secrets?



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