Overheard in every woman’s bathroom at some point in her life: “Do you think I can pull off bangs?” Well today, MDC is here with the answer to that question: yes. Every woman can pull off bangs, as long as the face-framing fringe she chooses flatters her face shape. Don’t fret­—we’ve got your go-to guide to help you make the cut with confidence, right here.

how to pick the right bangs for your face shapeSquare Face Shape
Square face shapes look best in long, eye-grazing fringe. Go for a feathery feel. Thin, layered bangs add softness and an element of femininity to square face shapes. Just avoid cutting your face horizontally with a super blunt bang.

Heart Face Shape
Because heart-shaped faces tend to be wider at the forehead a side-swept bang works to balance the face. Keep it on the shorter side (think above the eyebrow) to bring attention up to your eyes. Side-sweeping strands also soften angular features.

Round Face Shape
Rounds faces should try to show a little forehead, so keep bangs airy and a little wispy. Asymmetrical bangs and gently arching bangs that are longer on each side help create the illusion of a longer, more oval face.

Oval Face Shape
Oval-faces girls, rejoice! You ladies, can pretty much rock any type of fringe you fancy. Long, heavy bangs always look beautiful. Blunt straight across bangs are another flattering option. A cut across the brow line breaks up length and adds width to the face. 

Bangs or no bangs—what type of fringe do you like?
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