Though it seems long ago, we can’t seem to shake those art class color wheel lessons: Shades opposite each other on the wheel complement each other, like orange with blue or yellow with purple. So it makes sense that we tend to accentuate blue eyes with brown or tan eye shadow.

Well. It's time to break away from the dictates of the color wheel. Although we don’t often turn to purple eye shadow for accentuating our baby blues, when worn right, it can be a fun, unexpected and downright gorgeous way to highlight blue eyes.

purple shadowUndertones

When selecting a shadow in the purple range, for the most flattering pairing, try something that has red, brown or pink undertones. Purple eye shadows that look more violet or blue won’t generally be as flattering, as they tend to compete with, rather than enhance, the blue in your eyes. Try something like Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Last Call or NYX Cosmetics Nude Matte Shadow in Skinny Dip. Pair these darker reddish purples with neutral pinks, like those in L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Dual Effects in Rose Nude or L’Oréal Paris Colour Rich Eye Shadow in Perfume ID.

Line It Up

Want to wear blue eye makeup with blue eyes? Although it’s counterintuitive, a deep navy eyeliner, like Lancôme Artliner in Navy, will subtly bring out blue tones.

What’s your favorite unexpected eye makeup color? Tell us in the comments below!

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