Cassandra Bankson got her first pimple in the third grade. By the time she turned 12 she was getting pimples left and right, with each breakout worse than the one before (Cassandra, honey, I can totally relate!). By 19, Cassandra's face was covered with zits. Did that stop her from following her dream of becoming a model? Nope. She learned how to wear makeup that would gently conceal the red bumps, while helping prevent new ones. And THEN she made a YouTube video (that snagged 3 million+ views) showing off her new-found application skills. Snatch. Here's how she gets a flawless look...

Step 1: "I start with clean hands, and apply a primer, usually Hourglass Liquid Mineral Veil to act as a barrier between my skin and the makeup." Step 2: "I'll then go in with concealer. I like MAC Studiofix, and occasionally Makeup For Ever Color Correction." Step 3: "I then apply foundation. it depends on the day, sometimes just a tinted moisturizer to let my skin breathe, and other times a full coverage." Step 4: "I then use a full coverage powder, usually bobbi brown or mac's mineralize skinfinish, and then I apply blushes, highlights and contours if I need it." Step 5: "To finish off I use a setting powder or spray, and then sanitize my brushes and wash my hands again."


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