Angela Melero Jul 18, 2015

When it comes to sunscreen, we know all about what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to put it on before we leave the house (rain or shine) and reapply every two hours. But do dermatologists understand the complexities behind reapplying? By “complexities,” we mean ruining the masterpiece that is your makeup. How are we supposed to keep our faces protected and healthy without ruining our makeup? We did some digging and found some ways to keep the sun at bay and your makeup in tact!

How to Apply Sunscreen Over Makeup

Stick to What You Know, Er, Use

If you use a cream-based sunscreen, best not to use a powder foundation. When it gets time to reapply, the two different bases will form a weird filmy bond over your face and your coverage will be ruined. Not OK! Try a tinted sunscreen that will give you a little color. You can also mix a little of your fave foundation with your sunscreen when it’s time to reapply. When you blend the mixed formula into your skin, you’ll be getting a fresh coat of SPF and a little coverage to boot!

Product Recommendations: SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50, La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted

Try a Powder Formula

If you are devoted to your powder foundation, don’t worry. You can still get good sun protection all day long with a powder-based sunscreen. Yes, it’s a thing! Most of these formulas are translucent or come in shades to match your skin tone, so they go on naturally and flawlessly. Heck, they might even help keep that oily shine away throughout the day!

While, You’re at It, Try a Spray-Based Formula

A sunscreen spray or an SPF-infused setting spray might also be a good bet for makeup-friendly reapplication. These options are great for the on-the-go gal who doesn’t have time to whip out a mirror and mess with her mug. If going for an SPF spray (not a setting spray), try to find one specially designed for the face so as to avoid any ingredients that will clog the pores or irritate your skin. Keep an SPF spray in your purse or car and make sure you apply it evenly to your entire face and neck. You’ve got be sure you spread that SPF love!

Product Recommendations: La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Lotion Spray, L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare Quick Dry Sheer Finish Spray

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