Jan 25, 2016

We love that the New Year is all about wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. In typical fashion, we like to tie everything back to beauty and decided to do the same with 2016. Take this year by storm by putting your best face, skin, hair and nails forward! Check out the ways you can refresh your entire beauty routine this year!

How to Refresh Your Beauty Routine


Still rocking last year’s eye shadow and lip color? Get it together! 2016 is officially here and you are all out of excuses for wearing that Marsala-colored lipstick you ran to the ground in 2015 (as fabulous as it was). So give your makeup arsenal a facelift and start working some highlighter, blush and Serenity Blue shadow into the mix!


Is your hair looking a little ragged from all those cotton-candy hair colors you worked in last year? Hit the “reset” button and get your mane back to a healthier, prettier place. Go for more natural tones, throw in a professional conditioning treatment and try a new haircut on for size. See if you don’t feel like a new woman!

Skin Care

Let’s face it. You put your skin through a lot last year. Between the contouring, strobing and endless brow shaping, it’s probably starting to act up. Give your skin a little love by rethinking your routine. Throw in a serum, new silk pillowcase and a face mask and you’ll be back to your naturally glowing self in no time!


Last year was a good one for nails. And as much as we loved the negative space manis, nude polishes and textured finishes, we’re even more excited about what’s to come this year. Do your part in getting your digits in shape for all of the fun nail art by using a cuticle moisturizer and nail-strengthening base coat regularly. Your mani will thank you!



About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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