You’ve got the cat eye down to a T. And your smoky eye game? Well, that is so on point. But, we say it’s time to challenge yourself and branch out to bigger and better things! New season, new look, right? We’re not proposing anything crazy or complicated here — no bedazzling or feathers involved — just a few fun tricks to kick your eye makeup game up a notch!

1. Snow-Kissed Look
Snow-Kissed Makeup Look

Winter whites have now taken over your eyelids! This pretty, pale hue will have you looking like a snow queen, just in time for the holidays.

2. Pink Glossy Lids
Glossy Lids

We understand your initial reaction is probably skepticism (or criticism!), but, trust us, this glossy look is the next BIG thing for fall, and it takes seconds to accomplish!

3. Rose Gold Shadow
Rose Gold Makeup

Your designer watch isn’t the only thing this ultra-feminine shade looks good on. Swap out your neutral palette and go for the gold instead!

4. Blurred Cat Eye
Cat Eye

Nowadays, makeup doesn’t have to be perfect. Who has the time anyway?! A pop of color and some smudging is all it takes to complete this show-stopping cat eye.

5. Maroon Smoky Eye
Smoky Eye

Not all smoky eyes call for charcoal, smoky shades. Once the leaves start falling, it’s all about those deep, rich reds.

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