Halloween makeup can be daunting for several reasons — not only is it hard to get every detail perfect so it lasts all night long, you then have to remove the entire look post-party. It can be difficult and irritating no matter how much great product you have. That’s why layering and patience is key, explains New York based makeup artist Amanda Tralle. Ahead, find four hacks that will forever change the way you remove your Halloween makeup, nightmare-free.

Tip 1: Layer products to remove your makeup.

Since Halloween makeup is often layered, layering removers is the trick to getting it to come off cleanly. “I use multiple products,” Tralle says. “From liquid removers to makeup wipes to exfoliators. If something is really hard to get off my skin, I’ll use baby oil or olive oil.” This also helps your skin from becoming irritated: “I find using different products help me avoid scrubbing/ rubbing my skin too harshly because I know how each remover works on my skin and on certain makeup and paints,” she says.

Tip 2: Remove from the outside in.    

“I usually start removing any paint on my chest and arms, then my neck, and my face last,” Tralle notes. It’s also  best to work from the outside in so that you’re not moving around the paints too much as you’re removing. “I use Bioderma on paper towels to remove the paints on my chest and arms first, as well as my neck and face. I do end up using a lot of paper towels because I don’t want to move the paints around, which happens if I use the same towel to remove everything,” she adds.

Tip 3: Make sure you moisturize after the fact.

Since most Halloween makeup and paints are alcohol-based, your skin might feel dehydrated by the end of the night — that’s why it’s important to replenish your skin after removing all of that product. “Since alcohol dries out the skin, I’ll usually use a gentle foam cleanser after removing the makeup, followed by a moisturizing mask,” Tralle recommends.

Tip 4: Take your time.

The number one key for removing halloween makeup? “Have a lot of patience!” Tralle exclaims. If you take your time removing your makeup as gently as possible, your skin will thank you later, and you’ll be removing Hallo makeup like a dream.


Photo Credit: Chaunté Vaughn

Prop Styling: Astrid Chastka

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