These days, everything we could possibly want or need in life is just a click away. Thanks to the wonders of technology we can buy anything online — from groceries and shoes to clothes and cars — and have it at our doorstep in a jiffy. However, certain things like shopping for makeup can be risky business if you’re using a website instead of going to an actual makeup counter or store. But with all the amazing online beauty stores out there, we don’t want you to miss out on the fun of a little shopping spree. Check out these tips to making your next online beauty purchase a success!

How to Shop for Makeup Online

Know Your Skin Tone and Type

Is your skin tone classified as fair, light, medium, olive or dark? Do you have cooler undertones? Warmer undertones? Do you have combination, sensitive or acne-prone skin? Regardless of whether you’re buying makeup online or at a makeup counter, these are things you should always know. Being aware of your skin tone and type will help you in determine the texture, finish and shade of makeup you need. Getting a flawless makeup application starts with getting the right products for your complexion, so don’t even think about throwing anything into your online shopping cart until you learn up on your skin! Not sure where to start? Read this.

Know the Finish You Need 

Take note that we use the word “need” above and not the word “want.” Although you may have your eye on that liquid foundation your friends have been raving about, it might not be the best formula for you. Know which finishes and products will work with your skin (not against it) so you don’t end up with unnecessary breakouts, dryness or irritation.

Know the Shades That Work

Once you’ve solved the mystery of what your skin tone and undertones are, you can start shopping for shades that best complement your complexion’s natural hues. For example:

  • Fair skin tones look best in cooler-toned shades like pale blues, lavenders and soft pinks.
  • Medium-to-olive skin tones look great in rich jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire, as well as warm metallics like gold and bronze.
  • Darker skin tones look amazing in warmer makeup shades like coral, charcoal and plum. 

Have a Game Plan in Place

Online shopping can become a virtual labyrinth if you don’t go in with a specific goal in mind. All those online exclusives and new product launches are all well and good, but they often deter us from why we hopped on the site in the first place. Next thing you know you’ve got a shopping cart full of items that aren’t necessarily the best fit for you and your beauty routine. Make a list of your immediate needs (liquid foundation, setting spray, blush, etc.) and make sure you get those essential items picked out and into your shopping cart before you move on to other things.

Do Your Research 

Makeup selection is not something that should be taken lightly. Think about it, these products will be in direct contact with your skin, so you don’t want to purchase something without doing your homework. Read up on product reviews and figure out if there are any trending issues or positive feedback on an item before buying it. If you’re looking to test out specific products and shades, try a makeup app like Makeup Genius, which allows you to virtually test drive makeup looks on yourself. Trust us, your face will thank you.

Read the Fine Print

This might be an obvious one, but for the sake of covering all of our bases, we’re going to say it. No one wants to get stuck with a product that doesn’t work for them, so make sure the site you’re shopping on has a decent return policy. You have to fight for your right to good makeup!  

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