how to smudge proof lipstick Thanksgiving: one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Between greeting family and friends with a kiss, sipping wine, long hours of talking and of course the infamous dinner feast, your lips certainly get a work out. Keeping your lipstick in perfect condition through the day can feel challenging, but have no fear! Here are my tips on how to keep your lipstick smudge-proof and fabulous all day long (even after your second helping of turkey!).

1. Prep

The night before Thanksgiving, give your lips a good scrub and moisturizing treatment. This gets rid of all the dry skin, leaving lips soft, smooth and less likely to flake.

2. Choose a Hydrating Formula

Skip the dark stained mattes and opt for something that has color but is also hydrating. This keeps the appearance of lipstick smooth with out any feathering. I love Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Shade 510 and Origins Flower Fusion Hydrating Lipstick in Tea Rose.

3. Don't Over-Apply

You won't need to keep re-applying lipstick throughout the day if you follow tips 1 and 2. Over applying lipstick can actually dry the lips out and cause color to gather or bleed on the lips. Keep it simple, and only touch up after eating.

4. Blot Before You Sip

You know those pesky lipstick stains left behind on your wine glass? Avoid them by blotting your lips ever so slightly with a tissue before drinking. This keeps more lipstick on your lips than on your wine glass!

5. Give Thanks

Makeup can make any gal feel beautiful, but more importantly words of kindness and thanks can lift any mood and cause a smile. Take count of all the things you’re thankful for, even if it is your perfect lipstick!   What are some of your holiday makeup tips? I'd love to know and read in the comments below! Photo: Thinkstock


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