It’s a question we ask ourselves every time we see a chic celebrity sporting the fringe—“should I get bangs?!” The gnawing concern that usually has us coming back to “no” is the fact that bangs need to be styled every day. While this thought can be daunting, a recent conversation with professional hairstylist Tommy Buckett made us realize that styling our bangs can take as little as sixty seconds! Since that’s only about half as long we spend brushing our teeth every morning, bangs just might be in our near future after all. Here are his tips for styling that fringe in one minute flat.

how to style bangs 

If Your Hair is Wet…

1. “Put a little styling cream or mousse in your wet hair. If your hair is thick or course, use some Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Oil Treatment

2. Take a flat paddle brush and blow dry your hair, while brushing it back and forth. Make sure you are hitting the root and getting all cowlicks out of the bangs,” Buckett says. 

Expert Tip: Avoid what Buckett refers to as “mall bangs” –we love that term—by avoiding round brushes when styling your bangs.   

If Your Hair is Dry…

1. If your bangs are oily and limp after a couple of days, Buckett recommends reviving them with dry shampoo. “Spray a little in at the root to give your bangs lift,” he says. 

2. If your bangs are feeling frizzy, “take a flat brush and blow dry them again making sure you direct the air downward to make your hair shiny and sleek. Or take a flat iron through them to add shine and create a freshly-washed look,” Buckett recommends.


Cutting Tips to Shorten Styling Time

The way your hairstylist cuts your bangs can also affect how long they take to style, and how nicely they fall. Buckett recommends “if you’re cutting bangs, really cut bangs. Make sure they are thick enough and not whispy or weak. If you have a cowlick on the hairline, go farther back with the bang so it has something to weigh it down.”  

We want to know: are you jumping on the bang-wagon? Do tell in the comments below!
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