Signature pose? Check. Signature lip? Check. Your LuMee case? Check, check. You’re now on your way to a Kimmy status selfie. #Goals

And to help get your there, we reached out to pro makeup artist and the Snapchat selfie queen herself, Alana Dawn for her best tips and tricks on how to up your game, so you can get it right on the first try — because let’s be real, your photostream (like ours!) is full of selfies that just didn’t make the cut.

Show us how it’s done Alana!

@AlanaDawn is sharing more secrets for the perfect selfie on tomorrow, but tap the link in bio to see one of our fave looks created by Alana now!

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Tip #1. For Daytime: The perfect lighting is key.

Stand next to a window or go outside and take advantage of the natural light. I take mine right in front of a big window in my house that brings in a lot of daylight.

Tip #2. For Nighttime: Fake your lighting.

Take your selfies in front of a [bathroom] vanity that has daylight light bulbs. And remember, fluorescent lights are the enemy.

Tip #3. Highlight, highlight, highlight!

No light? No problem. Give yourself the best glow with a great highlighting powder on your cheekbones, chin, nose, and forehead.

Tip #4. A bold lip is everything.

If the #NoMakeup movement is not your thing, throw on a statement lipstick for an instantly bright and bold look!

Tip #5. Werk, werk, werk your angles (from above).

Always shoot from above. Don't shoot from below because you will find that you have more than one chin (at least for me hah!). Hold your camera above your head and werk it!

Tip #6. Let your hair down loose.

Don't be too serious in your photos, people love seeing you act silly — that’s what selfies are all about. These aren’t used for your LinkedIn resume (and least we hope not)!

Tip #7. Experiment with filters — yes, even the puppy face.

Choose a snapchat filter that enhances your skin and makeup. Filters are there for a reason — don’t be shy!

Tip #8. Sit still, just like Mom said. 

Stay still or else your photos will be blurry! Not what mom had in mind when she told you to stop fussing around … but we’ll heed her advice.

Tip #9. Falsies FTW.

Eyelash extensions or false eyelashes are always a great enhancement when wanting to look wide awake without a stitch of makeup. Do it for the Snap!

Are you a self-proclaimed selfie snob? There’s nothing wrong with that! If so, share your selfie tips with the rest of us below!

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