We haven’t been called a tease since we left our fourth grade crush a love note then ran away when he tried to kiss us. Our hair on the other hand? We’re happy to tease that until the end of time. Though sleek will always be sexy, we’re under the overall impression that bigger is better when it comes to our locks. Just to clarify, we’re not talking Bump-It status volume; no, we’re all about teasing our hair so it looks natural, voluminous and bouncy – not fake or too done-up.  The key to teasing your hair the right way? Read on to find out…   how to tease hair  

1. Section:

Use your comb to separate the back of your hair into a 2-3 inch wide section, starting 2 inches from your crown.

2. Tease:

Gently backcomb this section of hair.  The key is to avoid combing vigorously back and forth – this can damage your hair and cause breakage. Instead, brush downwards 3-4 inches from above your roots, pull out the comb, and repeat.

3. Spray:

Give this section of hair a quick spray with your favorite hairspray. We love L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray for brushable hold. Your hair might look a bit crazy right now, but not to worry – we’ll be smoothing it out in the next step. *Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may want to repeat steps 2 – 3 with sections on the left and right side of your part for added volume.

4. Smooth:

Take your comb and very gently smooth out the top of your teased sections. If you find your hair losing volume, just slide the end of your comb underneath the section and give it a lift.   And there you go! Now go practice tossing that big, bouncy hair.  

Are you a fan of teasing your hair? Sound off in the comments!



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