Nothing beats the euphoria you feel when you walk out of the hair salon. Your perfectly blown-out hair has a way of lending an extra pep in your step and even a little bit of a strut (when you’re feeling extra pretty and sassy). By the same token, there is also nothing like the horror of a blowout gone wrong: Instead of bouncy, buoyant strands you get a sleek, flat ’do or over-the-top volume that would put Dolly Parton to shame. Often, the cause of this blowout catastrophe can be traced back to a miscommunication between you and your stylist. So how do you properly express your blowout needs to ensure a fab hairdo every time? We got the answer straight from the horse’s … er, hairstylist’s mouth. Anna Wiles of Cush Salon in Beverly Hills tells us how to make sure our stylists know exactly what we want.

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Specify Your Blowout Type
According to Wiles, not all blowouts are created equal. In fact, stylists typically classify the styles by two categories: sleek and straight or voluminous with movement. “If you prefer your hair very straight with not too much curl, you probably wouldn’t fall into the sleek zone,” explains Wiles. “If you prefer that Victoria Secret, Barbarella bombshell blowout, you definitely need to communicate your need for volume.”

Vocalize Your Volume Preferences
Blowout types aren’t the only things that need explaining. For all you ladies with a love for full-bodied hairstyles, Wiles recommends explaining your volume preferences to your stylist.  “Maybe you prefer a straight, smooth style with volume at the crown, which is what you should ask for,” says Wiles. “If you prefer your strands to be full and rounded throughout, verbalize that.” Hey, when it comes to your hair, better to give too much information than not enough, right?

Get the Homecare Lowdown
A great blowout shouldn’t end at home. There are lots of ways to keep the momentum going long after you walk out of the salon. Invest in a great volumizing dry shampoo, texturizing powder or style-extender to keep your hair in check for days. Wiles also offers some pro tips on how to mimic a salon-worthy blowout at home. “The direction in which you dry your hair is the direction it will sit when it’s dry,” explains Wiles. “What I mean by that is that if you have an a-line bob that you want sitting forward, you need to dry your hair toward your face. If you like volume through the crown, I always tell my clients to separate a three-inch wide, mohawk section down the middle of the hair. Blow dry that piece in sections, straight up toward the ceiling. That will give you the lift and volume you’re looking for.”

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What’s your blowout preference? Tell us your fave blown-out style in the comments below!

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