Aug 6, 2013
in-store-makeup-testing-tips For the beauty-obsessed, shopping for makeup should be a euphoric experience, but unfortunately, sometimes it winds up being a bit stressful and terrifying. To help you leave the store satisfied every time, I put together a few key tips to keep in mind next time you’re shopping.

1. Sanitize

My most important suggestion: sanitize everything. Several people shop at makeup counters on a daily basis, and since you’re there to pick up product, not germs, you never want to try anything without making sure it has been properly cleaned first. When trying on lipstick make sure it has been sanitized and sprayed with alcohol; sharpen eyeliners and lip pencils before testing; and use disposable wands to try on lip gloss and mascara.

2. Ask

Most makeup artists that work at cosmetic counters are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to product and what you should be using, so ask away! People don't realize that a lot of counter artists work professionally outside of their retail duties, doing anything from editorial photo shoots, to working with celebrity clients. The more questions you ask, the more you can decipher between an artist who really knows the product and someone who is just trying to sell you something.

3. Prioritize

Sometimes beauty shopping can be intimidating so the best way to approach the process is to pick one specific thing you want to try while you are there. If you are looking for the right foundation, let that be the first thing you tell the makeup artist as soon as you arrive. That way you can handle what you came in for, and the rest of your time can be spent testing out any other products you like.

4. Find the Light

Department store lighting can make or break your experience from the cosmetics floor all the way to the dressing rooms. The genius of a makeup artist is they can usually gauge what the right colors are for you, no matter what kind of lighting there is, but never be afraid to ask to see your makeup in natural light. Politely ask to take the hand mirror outside and have a look. You won't offend anyone by asking this, and you will feel more confident about your purchase.

5. Sample

Everyone loves samples, and sometimes the best way to know what will work or not work for you is to try a sample first. Be mindful that when shopping for products, honesty is always the best policy. Tell the makeup artist right away what you know you would like to sample and what you’d like to purchase. A simple statement like, "I have had reactions to serums in the past and would like to try it first, but I know I need to purchase a new lipstick and eye shadow palette," will set the tone for a pleasant experience for the both of you. Have any other questions about shopping for makeup? Leave them below for me to answer! Photo: Thinkstock


About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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