Weddings are stressful undertakings that usually consist of a laundry list of tasks that need to be handled before the big day. Dress fittings, cake-tastings and of course the all-important wedding rehearsal are just a few at the top of this list, right? Where does testing your hair and makeup rank on your checklist? If it’s floating somewhere at the bottom or not on your list at all, consider this a friendly wake-up call. You deserve to look every bit the princess on your big day, so you need to make sure your look is just what you want. And you need to figure it out in advance. To help you get there, we talked to Susie Chhuor, owner of Los Angeles-based S Studios, a salon that specializes in bridal hair and makeup. Hear what this pro has to say about how to test out wedding hair and makeup the RIGHT way!

How to Test Wedding Hair and Makeup

Don’t Schedule Your Test Run Right Before the Big Day

As humans, we are prone to changing our minds and interests in an instant. This is why scheduling your test run the week of your wedding is not the best idea. “For hair and makeup sessions, we usually recommend that brides come in as soon as possible,” says Chhuor. Try scheduling your test run about a month out. “This way the stylist can work with you and provide you with recommendations based on your look, and this will allow you the necessary time needed,” adds Chhuor. “Some suggestions can include things like growing out your hair or using a face mask to help with dry skin. The sooner you do a session, the more time you have to prepare for anything unexpected.” These unexpected things can also refer to a change of heart. “Maybe you had a style set in mind, but then realize it's not what you truly want,” Chhuor adds. “Then you will have time to sit down, rethink and test out how want to be seen on your wedding day.”

Be Realistic (and Flexible) About Your Expectations

Most of us use images to demonstrate the look we’re going for when it comes to our hair and makeup. While this is a great practice to give your stylist a general idea of what you want, it’s not always entirely realistic. “One major mistake that brides will make is bringing in a photo of their ideal look and expecting to look exactly like the person in the image,” explains Chhuor. “Each individual is different and makeup application will vary depending on facial features. Because of this we, normally recommend pulling multiple makeup looks so that you can get a general feel and idea of what you like. This will allow the bride and stylist to collectively determine the direction you should go, choose color tones, and discuss any likes or dislikes.”

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Like with any relationship, communication is key. This principle applies to your relationship with your hair and makeup stylist as well, especially when planning the perfect look for your wedding day. “During the trial session, it’s important to feel comfortable enough with your stylist that you can have an open dialogue,” says Chhuor. In other words, speak up about any concerns or issues with the look they are creating. If you want your eye makeup to be more dramatic or your hair to be more natural-looking, say it! “This will help alleviate any stress on the day of the wedding,” Chhuor explains. “Remember, your stylist would prefer to know about these changes on the trial session day instead of the actual wedding day. Just like you, they don't want to be sprung with any last-minute surprises that can add stress to their job. The goal is to ensure both the bride and stylist have a stress-free and fun-filled wedding day.”

Wear the Right Clothes

To get the best idea of what your hair and makeup will look like on the big day, it’s important to wear the appropriate outfit during your test run. “I recommend that brides wear clothing as similar in shade and style to their dress as possible,” says Chhuor. “For example, if you are wearing a white strapless dress, try to wear a white tube top or a white spaghetti strap top the day of your test run. This will allow you to get a better sense of how the hair and makeup will look with your dress. Avoid wearing turtlenecks or dark colors, as they can be very distracting to your overall look.”

Keep Your Test Makeup On ALL Day

Weddings typically last longer than an hour, so you need to make sure your makeup and hair can withstand all the festivities involved. Chhuor says she instructs her brides to leave their test-run hair and makeup on for the duration of the day to ensure their staying power. “This also allows for them to get a feel for how it wears throughout the day” she adds. 

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