You may start the workday looking one hundred percent, but after eight hours? An exhausting day at the office will definitely show all over your face. Makeup can oxidize, causing it to slip — which is why your concealer refuses to stay put all day. So when it comes to looking on-point for eight hours straight, it's all about the touch-ups.  

With work makeup, it’s best to focus on quick beauty fixes that can take you from worn out to fresh-faced in an instant. Now, not every product has a place in the office. So we've broken it down, and listed all the touch-up tools and products you need and when exactly to apply them. Follow our guide to touching up discretely and quickly — like a pro. 

Work Makeup


Oil-Blotting Sheets

When to apply: Late afternoon when you're at your shiniest.

Consider this genius product your touch-up secret weapon. Nothing instantly removes excess shine better. When you feel a bit oily, just pull out a sheet and blot, concentrating on your T-zone.

Product Recommendation: The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues, NYX Blotting Paper


When to apply: After lunch.

Lipstick is the quickest makeup fix with the biggest results. So go for a bold color like a deep pink or a poppy red. Even if you don't have time to reapply anything else, a statement lip alone will make a dramatic difference.

Product Recommendations: L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Red Lipcolor in Blake’s Red, Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur in Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, YSL Rouge Pur Couture Satin Radiance Lipstick in LeRouge

Under-Eye Concealer

When to apply: Right before a big meeting.

Instead of applying foundation all over — which can be messy and time- consuming — opt for a cream-based under-eye concealer. Focus on the inside corners of your eyes, where the shadows are deepest. This will give you an instant bright-eyed look.

Product Recommendations: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment, Lancôme Effacernes, Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Concealer


When to apply: One time, mid-day.  

You know what to do here. Just swipe! The key with mascara touchups, though, is not to overdo them. If you keep reapplying, your mascara will clump and your lashes will look brittle.


When to apply: At the end of the day, right before you head out for happy hour or a dinner date.

When doing a quick office touch-up you want to avoid powders or anything that requires heavy duty blending. So use a blush that has a brush-free, straight-to-cheek application (we love Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush).

Facial Spray

When to apply: Anytime!

You might feel awkward spritzing your face at your desk (especially if you work in an open office), so you may want to take this into the restroom. But a face mist is a perfect touch-up tool because it can be sprayed over your makeup, takes all of two seconds and it's a great energy boost. It's basically like a shot of espresso without the caffeine jitters.

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