Diana Crisan Jan 4, 2016

$#*!. You went to bed with skin as clear as day, only to wake up with a massive zit that’s staring you in the face. It’s red, it hurts … it’s downright scary. Worst of all, you most likely woke up to this unwelcomed “friend” on the day of a crucial event, like dinner with an ex (yikes!). It doesn’t matter really — no day is the right day for a pimple, right? Although you may be the only one who thinks there’s a blimp living on your face, a freak-out session occurs. And, it goes a little something like this:

Acne Issues

Stage 1. DENIAL: “That’s not what I think it is. Is it? This isn’t happening to me, not today. It’s not even a pimple. Must be a bug bite or something that will go away in a few minutes. I’ll just keep pressing on it.”

Stage 2. ANGER: “NO, NO, NO, NO. This is the WORST possible day ever for you to show up unannounced Mr. Pimple! Why are you doing this to me?! I’m going to fry you with acne creams.  Consider yourself zapped.”

 Stage 3. BARGAINING: “Okay, no big deal. We can get through this. A little salicylic acid and you’ll shrink down, right? RIGHT?!”

 Stage 4: DEPRESSION: “I’ll just cancel all of my meetings, my lunch, my date. I’m staying in. Forever. Are you happy, pimple? I’m just going to stay home, eat ice cream and watch The Real Housewives.” 

Stage 5. ACCEPTANCE: “Get it together, face. You’re a strong, independent complexion who don’t need no zits. You’re the only one who needs to know it’s there. We’ll just conceal and set — that’s all it takes. In a few days, it’ll be like it was never there …”

The zit struggle is real. Here’s how to handle the situation, without having another pimple panic attack: 

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