While our love of all makeup runs deep, we share a special kinship with the product that makes our imperfections disappear with a simple swipe and dab. From covering up the evidence of a late night rendezvous to masking a what-the-hell-is-that spot, concealer is our hero, our main b, our ride-or-die. And it doesn’t stop there. Sure, concealer can conceal, but she’s far from a one-trick-pony. Here’s why:

Concealer Uses

1. Concealer doubles down on the power of caffeine.

Was it hard to wake up this morning? (Yes) (No)

Has anyone told you that you look tired today? (Yes) (No)

Are you on your third cup of coffee? (Yes) (No)

If you answered mostly ‘Yes’: Grab a highlighting concealer like the YSL Touche Éclat, and dab some on the inner corners of your eyes and brow bone to look wide awake (and fully caffeinated) instantly!

If you answered mostly ‘No’: Consider us jealous. But hey, don’t think you can’t enjoy the powers of concealer anyway!

2. The concealer contour game is strong.

Like E = mc2, contouring palettes can be hard to wrap your head around. For those mornings when you don’t have the time to contemplate the secrets of the universe your makeup kit, grab a concealer stick that’s two shades darker than your natural skin tone, swipe it along your cheekbones (plus anywhere else you’d like to contour — nose, jawline, forehead) and just blend it out. Problem solved.

3. Concealer can camouflage signs of the struggle.

Recent breakup? (Btw, you deserve better.) Working all night? Freaking out because your bestie is getting married and you have to plan her bachelorette party? Stress can do a number on your skin, but you know who has your back — and your face? Concealer. While a diligent skincare routine (and some breathing exercises) may do the trick, nothing covers up the struggle like concealer and setting powder. We weren’t kidding when we said ride-or-die.

We could go on and on waxing poetic about our love of concealer, but we know you have places to be and concealer shades to test, so we’ll just leave you with these hacks as a parting gift (until next time, that is):


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