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In a world of incredible eyelash ‘grams, having the perfect, long, voluminous lashes is something everybody wants. Between eyelash extensions and mascara primers, we’d do everything in our darndest power to make our lashes appear more fluttery. Fortunately, we found a new combination that we think beats out everything else: a lash serum and the new Maybelline Snapscara.

Lash serums are an entire universe of product that promises to grow your lashes — and GrandeLASH-MD by Grande Cosmetics rules supreme. You use this every night before bed by gently pulling the serum across your upper lash line, and with just a few uses, you’ll notice your lashes appearing more doll-eyed.



The next morning, finish off your lash look with a few coats of Maybelline Snapscara. This new addition to the Maybelline family is perfect if you’re going for a clump-free look and will elongated and volumize the appearance of each lash, and bonus — it removes in a literal snap.

Now, go forth and make your lashes look as good as new with this dashing duo.

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