When soap and water just don’t cut it, we turn to fancy waters. We’re sure you’ve heard the trending term micellar water—but what is it really, how do you use it and most importantly, how the heck do you pronounce it? (Like this)

This French beauty secret uses tiny cleansing molecules (micelles) of oil suspended in water to cleanse skin and draw out impurities without over-drying. While it looks like water, it has a different texture and feel—and requires nothing more than a cotton round to remove even the most stubborn of makeup (yes, even waterproof formulas). So, if you ever find yourself without water in sight or you’re just too tired to wash off your makeup because well, life, micellar water is here to save your skin from potential disaster. Because waking up to a surprise pimple is not the kind of surprise we ever look forward to.

Sound too good to be true? Watch how it seamlessly removes waterproof mascara with only a few swipes of a cotton ball.

Because regular soap and water just doesn't compare to the Micellar Cleansing Water from @garnierusa! #PoweredByLOreal

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Like magic, right? Micellar water is a true all-in-one beauty product—not only does it easily remove makeup, but it also lifts away dirt and oil, while leaving skin clean and refreshed. No harsh rubbing needed, no rinsing, and it’s even suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Here’s how it’s done:


How to Use Micellar Water

Step 1. Pour Generously

Saturate a cotton pad with Micellar Cleansing Water.


Step 2. Press Gently

Hold the pad firmly on your skin before wiping lightly.

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It’s not just micellar water that made it to our fancy waters list! Mists formulated with thermal spring water also do the body (and face) good. At the heart of most La Roche-Posay skin care products, thermal spring water features a combination of mineral salts, antioxidants and trace elements that have been scientifically proven to soothe skin—and you can’t dispute science, guys. You can even check out some of our favorite facial mists here!


How to Use Thermal Spring Water

Use it after cleansing with micellar water for an extra boost of refreshment or use it in place of your toner. After a mild cleansing, spray eight-to-12 inches from your face then leave on two-to-three minutes. Gently pat off excess spray without rubbing. You can also give your makeup a quick refresh throughout the day with a light spritz.


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