Angela Melero Aug 13, 2015

Looks Using the Naked Smoky Eye Palette
Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette has been quite the hot topic since word got out that it was even in the works. Most of us marked the palette’s release date in our calendars and counted down the days the 12-shadow miracle product would be in our hands. Well, the day came and went, and now that the palette is all yours, what have you done with it (besides gaze at it lovingly)? It’s time to put those pristine shadows to work and make some magic happen! To help you dig into your new toy, we enlisted the help of makeup pro Alana Dawn, who showed us three ways to use the Naked Smoky palette! Enjoy!

The Daytime Smoky Eye
Daytime Smoky Eye

Step 1: Using a flat shadow brush, apply the shade “Thirteen” on the lid and just above the crease as a base.

Step 2: Using an angled shadow brush, line the top and bottom lash line with “Whiskey.” Make sure the line is thick. Don’t worry if the line is a little blurred or messy — perfection is not key for this look.

Step 3: Take a fluffy shadow brush, work “Combust” into the crease and buff it out.

The Date Night Smoky Eye
Date Night Smoky Eye

Step 1: Use a white eye shadow as a base and spread it all over the lid. This will allow the metallic shades to really pop.

Step 2: Wet your medium shadow brush (to intensify the color) and apply a mix of “Armor” and “High” on your lid.

Step 3: Apply “Whiskey” to the crease and buff outward.

The Out-on-the-Town Smoky Eye
Out on the Town Smoky Eye

Step 1: Apply “Black Market” all over the lid. Dust “Dagger” on top to lighten the black shadow.

Step 2: Use an angled liner brush and “Password” shade to cut the crease. To do this, create a V-shape starting at the middle of your crease and connecting the outer corner of your eye. Make sure the line is thicker in the outer corner and lighter as you get toward the inner eye. Blur the line out using an eye shadow brush. Blend the color outward.

Step 3: Take your “Black Market” shade and line the area just beneath the lash line. Blur the shade using a small blending brush.

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Photography: Carlos Moscat
Makeup: Alana Dawn
Model: Taylor Smith



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