Here at MDC, we are lucky enough to have a panel of experts to sound off on those topics that leave the everyday girl scratching her head. Today, for example, we asked hair guru Zachary Morad to give us tips on how to use texturizing spray.

Is your hair looking a little flat? Do volumizing gels and root-lifters just weigh it down? If you answered yes to either of these questions, texturizing spray is the miracle product for you! These handy sprays are an easy way to give even the finest, limpest of hair a big boost of volume.  Check out my quick tip on how to use texturizing spray for va-va-volume!

texturizing spray
Step 1: On dry hair, begin by roughly sectioning off your hair horizontally around your head, and spraying the roots of each section with a lightweight texturizing spray. Work your way from the top of your head down to just above the nape of the neck.

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Step 2: Flip your head upside down and massage the roots with your fingers to work in the product. Flip your hair back up and — voila sky-high volume!

Product Recommendations: Shu Uemura Texture Wave, Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease, Kérastase Spray Á Porter

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Photo: Erin Laine
Model: Lauren Rote

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