Hey, we’re the first to admit when we’re wrong. As it turns out, we’ve been using a certain well-known product incorrectly for years. And if we’re not doin’ it right, we assume there are others out there in the same boat! In an effort to make all things right again in the makeup world, we reached out to YSL National Makeup Artist, Dell Ashley, to get his take on how to use the ever-so-classic, YSL Touche Éclat — the right way!

Touche Éclat

The Wrong Way

According to Ashley, trying to cover very dark circles or acne with this magical highlighter is definitely the WRONG way to go. “Touche Éclat is more of a light reflector than a concealer,” says Ashley. “Its thin, creamy consistency allows you to use it under the eye to take away light shadows by reflecting light in those areas without creasing. For dark circles under the eye, first use a concealer in the darkest part of the under-eye area, then use Touche Éclat over the concealer and blend it into the entire under-eye area to take away the lighter shadowing.”

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The Right Way

The Touche Éclat was designed to add a touch of light to the face and allow it to be brightened and illuminated. “It's great as an eye shadow base, around the mouth for added volume and on fine lines and wrinkles to diminish their appearance,” explains Ashley. You can also use this handy tool for the latest makeup trend, strobing. “Simply blend a shimmering silver or gold cream shadow with Touche Éclat and apply this mixture to the high points of the face for an amazing sparkling highlight."

Now we all know better! Look here for more makeup tips and tutorials!


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