There’s no denying it: Spring is almost here. We can feel it in the warmer air, the greener trees, the blooming flowers and, of course, the changing fashion and beauty trends. And while we understand that winter was an amazing time for makeup, with its deep rich lipsticks and flawless matte finishes, it’s time to embrace spring. So, check out the four ways you can re-introduce bright and beautiful shades of spring into your makeup routine!

Try a Pop of Neon 

If you’re still knee-deep in your cold-weather makeup stash and can’t seem to loosen your grip on that matte foundation or taupe eye shadow, that’s OK. Migrating from winter to spring makeup is all about baby steps. Start by adding a small but impactful component to your makeup routine: neon eye makeup. Whether that includes a hot pink lid or lime green cat eye, this little move will make a splash on your overall look and make embracing the vibrant shades of spring much easier. Need some inspo? Try some of these neon eye makeup tutorials we created just for you:

Focus on the Lips 

This might be the easiest way to get some color back into your spring makeup wardrobe. Instead of rocking that oxblood or plum shade 24/7 switch them out every other day or so for lighter, brighter options like coral, fuchsia or bubblegum pink. Next thing you know you’ll be in full blown spring mode!

Product Recommendations: Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom in Coral Burst, NYX Butter Lipstick in Sweet Shock, Urban Decay Revolution in Anarchy

Play Up the Cheeks 

Flushed, pink cheeks are a staple in the spring and it seems that this year, the brighter the apples, the better! Instead of just soft pinks and peaches, this season’s blush palettes are sporting a vibrant and atypical roster of oranges, purples and fiery reds. While this may seem intimidating, you’d be surprised how wearable and natural these shades actually look. So, start the season off on a brave note and swipe a little blush on your cheekbones and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.

Go for Loud(er) Lashes

While we’re on the topic of thinking outside the box, let’s talk lashes. Not to take away from that “blackest black” mascara you own a dozen of, but sometimes a girl needs to switch it up and throw a little unexpected color into the mix. And if you are absolutely adamant about sticking to your “no-makeup” makeup look, you can still take a walk on the wild side with colored mascara. Check out these tips on how to wear fun and funky lashes the right way

Model: Caitlin Chapman

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