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If you hadn’t heard, fall is here! By now, most of us have retired our sandals and replaced them with sweaters and boots. But does the coming of colder months mean we have to also retire our beloved summer glow? No way! Take a look at my tips on how to achieve the winter version of the summer beach babe look!

winter bronzer
Tip #1. Prep the Skin.
To get a more natural subtle glow, it’s important to start with a great base product like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Save time with a multitasking product that offers both skincare benefits and skin-coverage. My fave is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB, which offers eight skin benefits in one lightweight formula.

Tip #2. Pick the Right Bronzer Shade.
The key to getting a more natural-looking glow is selecting a bronzer that is not too dark and that works with your skin tone. Go with a bronzer that is just a couple shades darker than your natural skin color. If you have darker skin, select a shade with orange undertones, while you fair-skinned babes should try a shade with more yellow or gold undertones. Test the color out on the area just under your cheekbones to see if the shade works for your skin.

Product Recommendations: The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze or Apricot, Giorgio Armani Maestro Bronzer, Lancôme Star Bronzer

Tip # 3.
 Be Strategic About Bronzer Placement.
Limit bronzer application to areas where the sun would naturally hit the skin: forehead, along the hairline, just below cheekbones, around the temples, bridge of the nose and along the curve of your chin. If using a powder-based formula, use gentle, sweeping motions when applying the bronzer. When using a cream- or liquid-based formula, make sure to start off with small amounts of color. Less is more, and you can always build on the color as needed. Blend the color with a powder brush or makeup sponge to ensure that it is even and no sharp lines are visible.

Tip #4. Don
t Neglect the Neck and Chest Area.
Make sure that your face matches your body. Lightly brush some of the bronzer down onto your neck and décolleté. Again, here less is more, as you just want to look like you got a bit of color.

Tip #5.
Add Some Blush.
Dust a bit of coral or soft pink to the apples of your cheeks to add dimension to your face. You might also want to add a shimmery highlighter to give your face a little extra glow!

What are your tricks to getting some glow in the winter? Spill your secrets in the comments below. 

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About the Author:Rachel is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist specializing in television, print and red carpet events.

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