Shontel Horne Dec 11, 2015

Think about the last three eyeliners you purchased. Were they all black? If you’re anything like us here at, it’s very likely that you have lipsticks and eye shadows in every shade, texture and finish imaginable. However, when it comes to eyeliner, we always stick to black (with maybe a brown or gray shade for good measure) – every time. We appreciate a quality noir pencil, gel or liquid liner as much as the next makeup lover, but here’s why you should stop shying away from colored eyeliners and add them to your makeup kit, pronto.

How to Wear Colored Eyeliner

 You Can Use A Little … or Use A Lot!

Whether you’re bold enough to take the plunge and complete your eye makeup with a glittering liquid liner or you simply want to add a hint of color to your waterline you’ll never run out of uses or options when it comes to colored eyeliner. For advanced beauties, try using two different eyeliner shades for these Yuletide-inspired looks, or simply add a bright splash to the tip of black winged liner for a more conservative, cool look.  


Get A Complete Eye Makeup Look In Half The Time   

Pairing and blending eye shadows is one of the best ways to turn up the glam, but there isn’t always enough time for the occasional trial and error that goes along with playing around in your favorite palette. Swiping your lash line with a layer of colored eyeliner gives your eyes the appearance of elaborate eye makeup, but it only takes a fraction of the time to apply. Can you say win-win?


More Colored Eyeliner = More Reasons To Wear A Nude Lip

We get it … using colorful eyeliner is a big beauty step if you’ve never tried it and the look is a serious head-turner. One of the major reasons so many women resist it is because the look can go south QUICKLY if the lip color competes — or worse, clashes — with the liner. Enter nude lipstick comes in! Nude lipstick is THE look of the moment, and the best way to show off your latest foray into colorful liner is to pair it with a stunning nude lip. Match made in makeup heaven!


Sometimes Black Eyeliner Is Just Not Enough

Have you ever looked at your completed makeup and thought, “I still need … something?” Now, we’re not saying that “something” you need is always a bold, colorful eyeliner, but if you find yourself zeroing in on your eye makeup when you’re thinking about a makeover or vamping up your look, reaching for a liner in a fun shade could be the answer.   

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