Here at, we are lucky enough to have a panel of experts to sound off on the latest and greatest beauty trends. Today, for example, we asked hair guru Zachary Morad to give us the rundown on the summer hair craze that is melted highlights!


As summer rapidly approaches, the demand for sun-kissed hair is growing. The usual color suspects — baby lights, ombré and tortoise shell — are obvious choices, of course. However, this year, the sun-kissed look is taking a natural new turn in the form of the color melting. Similar to the ombré effect, this process includes the “melting” of various hair shades along the hair shaft, leaving no visible lines and creating a more fluid transition between dark and light. Check out why this new au naturel coloring process is absolutely everything right now.

Why You Need ‘Em

Melted highlights are a fabulous option for just about anyone, as they work for any hair color under the sun, whether it be red, purple, caramel or chocolate brown. The effect adds depth to your locks by creating a dark shadowed root that slowly lightens as you go down the hair shaft.

How to Get ‘Em

The “melted” look is achieved by using three (or more) different hair colors to fill in freshly lightened hair. The darkest shade is applied to the root area. A lighter shade is then applied to the mid-shaft, leaving the ends lightened. This creates a shadowed effect and seamless transition. After these colors are rinsed, a glaze is then applied to tint the ends and lend a uniform finish from root to tip. The result is a smooth, gradient effect that is hot, hot, hot for summer.

How to Keep ‘Em

Maintaining melted highlights is a cinch, as there’s no harsh root line to fill in, so upkeep is minimal. And, since you won’t be exposing your hair to harsh chemicals every month, this allows for your hair to be healthier. In terms of at-home care, color-safe shampoos, conditioners and styling products should always be used with melted highlights to keep it from fading and losing its shadowed effect. Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorites for summer because their gentle formulas repel UV rays, which can fade hair color.

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