ICYMI, we’ve been pretty obsessed with neon eye makeup this month. And because our moods and color palettes change along with the seasons, we decided to let one of our beauty staples hibernate for a while: black eyeliner. With radiant sunlight making a more regular appearance these days, our go-to black liner is being overshadowed by a more festive, seasonal option in the form of NYX Vivid Brights Liner. They say spring is all about bright and bold colors, and this eyeliner collection is not playing games! Here’s why you need to stop playing it safe and make neon a part of your spring routine:  

Neon Eyeliner

It Demands Attention

And for all the right reasons! Sure, black liner will always be your go-to, but bright pink lids or an electric blue cat eye will always be the life of the party.

It’s A Conversation-Starter

Are you and your friends always talking about work, work, work or your most recent dates? How about you switch up the convo and school them on how to make tangerine eyeliner look good on your next girls’ night in?

It’s Unconventional

Makeup is all about playing dress up and having fun! It allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something you normally wouldn’t gravitate toward (like lime green eyeliner!). And there’s no better time to push the beauty boundaries than spring, since color is always on the menu. You never know, neon makeup could be your thing.

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