There are some aspects of makeup that we see as a Mount Everest of sorts. It’s a goal we consider and mill over—especially when we see someone else successfully achieve it, but never really go for because it’s too intimidating or lofty. Before you start the eye-rolling over our dramatic mountain-climbing scenario, think about the last time you set your eyes on a beautiful tube of orange lipstick. Most likely, the vivid tangerine or coral hue dazzled you and made your mind marinate on all the endless makeup possibilities.  But, alas, something held you back. Maybe it was fear of the unknown and/or migrating beyond your comfort zone of red, nude and soft pink lip shades. Whatever it is that kept you from picking up that orange dream, it’s time to let it fall by the wayside. Because, this year is all about unexpected, bold pops of color, and bright tangerine lips are huge power players in this makeup revival. Find out why you need to conquer the orange lip game once and for all. 

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Orange is the New Red

It might be time to let your signature cherry red lippie go into hibernation for a few months. Don’t worry — it can make a reappearance soon. For now, let a fun orange shade take it’s place as the main makeup squeeze in your life. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Orange lips, you’ll find, can serve the same purpose as a red one in that they deliver a fun pop of color at a moment’s notice and will liven up any outfit. Yes, any outfit. From feminine, flirty sundresses and formal gowns, to jeans-and-tee combos and beachwear, this vibrant shade will complement any and all ensembles. 


It Works With Your Skin Tone (For Reals)

Also just like your fave red lippie, orange lip colors come in many shades and finishes. That means there’s the perfect one out there to work with every skin tone. Want to find the right match? Read this lipstick guide to find the one that complements your complexion best. 

That being said, don’t be afraid to test out different shades, even if they aren’t a scientific match for your complexion. For you brave makeup lovers out there, take a walk on the bright side and try some fun fluorescent shades on your next night out. Our current fave is NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Orange County. Hey, life's short, so you might as well wear that lip color like it’s your last. And, at the end of the day, a healthy dose of confidence is the secret to rocking any and all makeup looks, so wear that tangerine shade loud and proud and you’ll be turning heads for sure. 


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It’s a Gateway Drug Lip Color

Orange lipstick is like getting your first tattoo. Once you’ve gotten the rush of creativity and rebellion, you want to experience it over and over again. For reals, try it for yourself. One day with an orange lip will open up the possibilities of dozens of other bold, bright shades. Blue, purple, green and even black shades will suddenly be on your radar and on your lip color roster. It’s sounds crazy, but it’s oh-so true. Go ahead, unleash that wild woman in you. 


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