Angela Melero Sep 8, 2015

The makeup world can be fickle. Trends evolve with each season and what’s hot today may be old news tomorrow. That’s why we can’t help but bow down to the looks that manage to withstand the test of time. For us, red lipstick is that classic look that will never wither or die. Find out why the classic red hue continues to burn brightly for makeup lovers all over the world.

Red Lipstick

One Red Fits All … Kind Of

The key to being a cult classic is having the ability to appeal to the masses. Red lipstick has managed to do just that by showing its true colors — all of them. To really rock red right (say that five times fast), you have to pick the crimson shade that works best for you. Whether it’s orangey-red, deep crimson or bright cherry, we guarantee there’s a perfect red match out there, just waiting to be worn by you.

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Don’t Forget to Smile

The best accessory to rock with your fave red lipstick is a pair of pretty pearly whites. The beauty of the red lip color is it makes your teeth look whiter than ever. Seriously, you’ll look like a Colgate commercial. So, don’t stress too much about what outfit you pair with your crimson pout. In fact, the power of the red-lipstick smile is so powerful, it may overshadow your ensemble. Crazy, huh?

All You Need Is Confidence

Contrary to what you may have heard, red lipstick shouldn’t be designated to formal affairs or red carpet events. Oh, no. Red lippies aren’t just for ball gowns and glitzy ensembles. They work with any and all outfits — and any time of day. All you need to include is a little confidence. Just swipe on that lipstick, hold your head high and get ready to strut. If you’re fearless, you’re pure gold, baby. 

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