Laura Nadeau Apr 4, 2012
With the weather warming up, what better time to brighten up your visage with some super-saturated color? For all you color-phobes out there who are clutching your neutral and nude products for dear life, relax—you can keep them. They are the trusty undergarments of your makeup wardrobe. Vibrant pigments, on the other hand, are the accessories you add to make a statement. Here are some easy ways to add pop colors to your makeup. Accentuate eyes with contrast colors
  • Brown eyes. Start by applying a nude shadow on your eyelid as a base. Then apply a teal or sapphire eyeshadow as eyeliner onto your upper lash line with an angle brush (bottom lash line is optional). For a defined line, use a wet brush, or to keep it soft, simply blend lightly. Balance your look with a soft pink or peach on your lips.
  • Blue/green eyes. Contrast colors for blue and green eyes fall into the pink and peach range, which can be difficult to pull off, so apply the same concept to lip color. When you wear a bright red, coral, or pink, the color of your eyes will pop. Balance the look by sticking to soft gray, taupey browns, or flesh tones on your eyes and a tight eyeliner in black or brown.
Brighten your skin tone with lip color Regardless of eye color, hair shade or skin tone, every women can benefit from a vibrant color on her lips. The key is to find a color that makes your skin look even better. Anyone can rock a vibrant orange or pink lip; you just need to find one that suits your personality and tone.
  • Fair skin lights up in a creamy lip color like Rouge Dior Lipcolor Ara Red#99 or Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo.
  • Dark skin looks brilliant with a sheer pop of color. Try a glossier texture like Three Custom Color Specialist’s Dahlia Gloss.
What are your favorite way to sneak pops of color into your look?


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