Jan 15, 2015

Classic movies have been notorious for inspiring fashion designers, magazine editors, photographers and creatives of every inclination for decades. They are also a major source of inspiration for our own personal beauty team — in other words, ourselves!

Famous moments in film have been etched into our collective cultural memory. As a snapshot in time, they have come to represent a generation, a clothing style, a location or a monumental moment in history. So what better way to pay homage to our favorite, time-tested moments in film than to create modern interpretations of the looks of the most famous leading ladies to star in them? In this guide, we'll show you how to do exactly that, one iconic Hollywood look at a time.

Click on the links below to learn how to recreate some of our favorite glam looks:

Hollywood makeup

The Classy Comedienne 

For this girl-next-door type, a silly, self-deprecating act, combined with a natural look, secretly make her that much more attractive. And, with a wink of those wide eyes and a flip of the hair, she lets us know she’s in on the joke. We should have known from her sharp style that she knew what she was doing all along.

The Romantic Lead

This true lady prefers an elegantly restrained coiffure, a flawlessly groomed face and feminine touches that convey pure grace. Although her look is subdued, her clean beauty has everyone falling in love — especially her dapper co-star!

The Classic Hollywood Glam Gal

For this perennial favorite, big-picture looks put the "b" in bombshell. With pin-up girl eyes and flirty elements from bouncy curls to kiss-me red lips (get your Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in Siren In Scarlet ready!), this glamorous gal epitomizes old Hollywood.

The Sexy Starlet 

This woman possesses a mature je nais se quoi; her voluminous bed-head and pouty lips seduce without an ounce of effort. It's no surprise that her French accent and powers of seduction have men lusting after her and women wanting to be her.

The Femme Fatale

The undeniable dark allure of this leading lady is all about the eyes. One part vixen, one part vivacious, her killer curves remind us of the sumptuous scenes in Italian cinema. Better grab your darkest eye makeup — think L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara in Blackest Black and NYX Cosmetics Wicked Dreams Collection eye shadow palette.

Here’s how to recreate some of your favorite Hollywood looks. Try out the style of the leading lady who suits you best, or give all five a go!

Who is your favorite leading lady? Tell us who inspires you in the comments below!



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