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You know how Essie has the COOLEST nail polish names? (i.e. "tour de finance," "a crewed interest," and "navigate her" are the names of just a few of the polishes from her new spring collection.) Well, I was just thinking how fun it would be to come up with our own polish names...So, I enlisted the help of Makeup.com bloggers (they're one creative bunch, FYI) to answer this question: If you were a nail polish, what would you be called? Check out their answers below, and then add your own in the comments box. Who says you can't bottle your feelings?! Full Steam Ahead "I am a serial multi-tasker and everyone always asks me how I find the energy or if I ever sleep. The color would be a smokey dusty grey with striations of white streaking through." — Julia DiNardo, FashionPulseDaily.com Grand Slam Grape "I love a good, deep purple shade (pure purple, not burgundy or wine) and I ADORE tennis." — Melissa Milrad Goldstein, Been There, Done That Pawsible "I love dogs, and this shade would be inspired by our golden doodle Penelope. The color would be a shiny black with hints of silver, just like her coat." — Nicole Pearl, TheBeautyGirl.com Plum Crazy "1) I love dark purplish colors, and 2) I feel like I'm one sleepless night away from full-blown loony town most of the time." — Karina Giglio The Sweetest Spot "Beauty is the sweet spot of my blog and I feel like 'The Sweetest Spot' can mean so many different things for different women. The shade would be a deep merlot that has different gradients in it so depending on how you look at it, you see different shades." — Jeannine Morris, BeautySweetSpot.com Dressed In All Black Like The Omen "I envision this as a super shiny oil-slick black. I wear all black ALL the time, and it's my favorite nail polish color, as well as my favorite Lil Kim lyric!" — India-Jewel Jackson I Pink, Therefore I Am "It would be a glossy yet full coverage sheer pink. I know that as a beauty writer, I should be flaunting the pops of coral, moody grays and raucous reds I'm always writing about. But I always wear sheer pink. It's the shade that stays looking fresh the longest, and says all the right things, in every situation. There's nothing more dependable than good ol' Ballet Slippers." — Grace Gold Daring-wink-le "This creamy opaque periwinkle offers a playful “wink” of flash by way of holographic copper and crimson micro flecks. Why: I geek-out over anything considered “daring” in beauty, and blue polishes are no exception: navy shimmers, sky blue creams, multidimensional teals—I wear them all, and sometimes all at the same time! For me, though, an unexpected element in a polish, like a strange undertone, is what really catches my attention. In all things beauty, I like when something shouldn’t work, but it does." — Karie Frost, FearNoBeauty.com I Do Blue "It's a deep navy creme with flecks of navy and blue glitter, which reminds me of the awesome sapphire and diamond ring my husband proposed with. Plus, it'd be a lovely "something blue" on any bride's tootsies." — Mandy Hendrix Run the World "I'm currently training for a half marathon and I feel like I've run enough mileage to make it around the world! (OK, exaggeration, but that's what my body feels like.) I also, of course, think women should run the world and their own lives. This would be a gorgeous purple color because as most runners know, you get at least one purple nail from toes banging against the front of your sneakers. This would cover that up beautifully!" — Michele Bender  Bun In The Oven "I'm due in June, so I have baby on the brain. This polish shade would be a shimmering bronzy cinnamon shade." — Kristen Oldham Giordani, BeautyEditorOnCall.com Smoothie Operator "This is a pastel, peachy-pink shade, and I'd be called this because it's girly and I"m on a major smoothie kick right now—I have one every morning." — Baze Mpinja It Ain't Easy Bein Green "This would be an emerald green shade because my favorite color is green, I drink weird green health concoctions on the regular, I am mildly obsessed with the going green movement (Cali roots), and to make it even more fitting, I am currently under the weather and possibly looking green." — Tara Fuller, lifewithoutbacon White Whine "I think in general people feel a little bit bad about their nails (they're not perfect, etc. and the colors are not really working for them. This shade would fix all that and capture the essence of that perfect nail color they can't get)a really nude, eggshell shade." — Charu Suri


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