We pluck, we powder, we wax, we curl…the steps women take to feel “beautiful” can be quite excessive—not to mention expensive and time consuming. But what we often forget to work into our beauty regimen are the things that impact our INNER beauty. Beginning this week, I’m going to share weekly tips on how to achieve optimal inner beauty so your outer beauty is that much more hotter. After all, self-confidence is the ultimate beauty tool—and that all starts with feeling good, right? A new foundation may give you the healthy glow you’ve always dreamed of, but did you know that a healthy diet can result in shiny strands, a flawless complexion, and the same megadose of confidence that red lipstick provides? Products are fun—trust me, I know…I have countless face masks, blush shades, and “miracle” serums hiding in my cabinets—but the fact remains: beauty starts from within. While many factors affect your appearance (stress, sleep, exercise…just to name a few), what you put into your body is crucial to enviable skin and hair. Before you panic, I’m not suggesting you overhaul your diet—every girl deserves chocolate and pizza every once in awhile. What I AM suggesting is incorporating a green smoothie into your daily meal plan. There are many options out there that suffice, but my favorite is Kim Synder’s Glowing Green Smoothie. It’s delicious and nutritious (does not taste just like chicken) and will overhaul your skin like no facial has ever done. Here’s the recipe. Simply chop, blend the ingredients one-by-one, and viola! The look may not be the most appealing, but what it lacks in attractiveness it makes up for in taste. I drink 8 ounces a day, which fuels my body with energy and loads of nutrients. I also like to play with ingredients, like adding fresh ginger, subbing kale or chard for spinach, and using different variations of apples and pears. Now go get your drink on! (You can thank me later.)

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