tfuller Mar 20, 2012
Last week I taught you how to get a healthy glow by going green, but nutrition isn’t the only thing to focus on if you want clear skin, soft strands, or the rosy flush that even those fresh off Spring break would envy. I’m talking exercise. While visions of sweating on the treadmill and pumping iron may not scream “pretty,” working out is a great way to not only tighten and tone your body, but it also gives you more confidence (endorphins, anyone?), which is the most attractive quality of all. Here are three beauty perks of hitting the gym.

#1 Healthier hair.

Ever notice that when you’re stressed, you can feel it in your hair? Strands become brittle, you “shed” more than usual, and your locks look plain lifeless. De-stressing at the gym helps put the oomph back in your hair (and your soul). How it works? Cardio work improves blood flow to the scalp, helping to push out natural oils that lead to healthier and stronger strands. Buh-bye Biotin, our hair got this way on its own.

#2 Clearer skin.

Regular gym-goers often claim their acne is due to excessive sweating. While that could be true (you are washing your makeup off pre-workout, right?), the sweat likely isn’t to blame. Exercising actually detoxifies the body, nourishes the skin, clears pores, and keeps hormones in check. Sounds like a quadruple threat to me.

#3 A post-workout glow.

The oxygenated blood supplied to your skin during exercise is what gives you that amazing “glow,” but what I’m talking about is more than just a flush. Endorphins give you a high and jolt your confidence level, and nothing can top a girl who’s happy in her own skin. Bet that treadmill looks more appealing now, doesn’t it?


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