Ah, Instagram. We love it and we hate it, but you can’t argue that it keeps us in the know. Over the past year, we’ve fallen head over heels in love with makeup artist Nam Vo’s signature dewy dumpling glow, perfectly-imperfect blurred lips and easy-to-do monochrome makeup looks.

Click through for 10 buzzy makeup trends we refuse to leave behind in the New Year.  

Gloss, Gloss and More Gloss

Whether you’re wearing it on your lips, eyelids or embracing a glitter-free, wet-looking highlight, gloss is back — in all forms. It’s different than the thick, sticky formulas of the early 2000’s. Today, you can find gloss so soft it almost applies like a lip oil, formulas that double as a long-lasting lip stain and high-shine formulas perfect for keeping your lips nourished and hydrated.

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Monochrome Makeup

The monochromatic makeup trend has certainly made our lives a little easier when it comes to choosing an eye and lip pairing. The trend works for every season, every color and every single personality. Looking to give it a try? Check out this handy guide to find the perfect monochrome makeup tutorial for you.

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If you’re not already following @namvo on Instagram, it’s time to hit that *follow* button right now. She’s coined the hashtag #DewyDumplings, which refers to skin so glowy, soft, luminous and plump that it’s just as sought after (if not more) than everyone’s favorite dumpling spot. Scroll through her Instagram for tips and tricks on how to master your own look — we promise you’ll feel inspired.

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Faux Freckles

This year, we fell in love with the faux freckle look, which we hope you had the chance to replicate if you’re obsessed with it, too. To get the look, makeup artists and enthusiasts got creative using eyeliner or brow pencil. Once you’re content with how they look, finishing by setting with a translucent setting powder and a heavy-duty setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.

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Minimalist Nail Art

Don’t get us wrong, we’re here for all of the nail art looks (the ‘grammable acrylics, the fashion week designs and all of the holiday-themed ones, too). But one trend we couldn’t stop get off our Insta feeds this year (not that we wanted to) were minimalist nail designs — think just about everything you come across on Betina Goldstein’s Instagram. Think rhinestone nail art, polka dots, itty-bitty designs, or basically any look that leaves a good amount of one’s bare nail exposed.

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Colorful Shadow

As we move into 2019, we predict that colorful shadow will just get bigger and better. Were particularly obsessed with blown-out shadow resembling 70s makeup looks. The result is an editorial, photo-ready look meant for debuting for favorite bold shades of shadow.


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Blurred Lips

If you own a singular bullet lipstick (or any formula, really) you can achieve the blurred lip: a perfectly-imperfect lip look defined by undone edges. Simply start by applying the formula in the center of your lips and then use a crease brush to bring the color outwards towards the edges of your lips. For a similar look, use the new Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse, placing more color in the center of your lips than the edges.

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Glitter Everything

This year was a big one for glitter lovers, as we saw a huge array of unique formulas created to help you achieve every look from a glitter brow highlight to glitter nails. If you’re looking to take part in the trend, find the right fit for you. There are all-over glitter gels you could literally smear your entire body in, NYX Face & Body Glitter for packing over eyeshadow (or wherever, really) and Urban Decay Heavy Metals Glitter Eyeliner for eyes and brows.

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