We have news that we are so excited to share. Today we are introducing the Beauty Squad: four beloved voices on the world wide web, who will be covering beauty just for you on Makeup.com. Keep checking back in the coming weeks and months as Jane Marie from TheHairpin.com, Brit Morin of Brit.co, Lauren Cosenza of DivaliciousBlog.com and Julia Coney of AllAboutthePretty.net get into the nitty-gritty of everything you adore about makeup, hair, skin and just plain getting gorgeous. Here's a closer look at our quartet.     JANE MARIE Jane Marie is the co-editor of TheHairpin.com, where, aside from daily blogging about whatever—rap music, kitschy old recipes, insane wedding-related product finds on Etsy—she writes about makeup, hair, nails and fashion. She’s also the oddball host of an online series, "How to Be a Girl," the author of weekly Beauty Q&As and the founder of her own website, SeeJaneMarie.com. In Jane Marie’s spare time, she paints insane nail art, watches crappy reality television, goes to rap shows or cities like Beirut (sometimes both at the same time!) and gives strangers celebrity makeovers in exchange for wine and company. Who is your beauty icon? My beauty icon changes a lot on purpose. I try to pick a new one every year to give my makeup, hair and wardrobe some direction and inspiration. And a lot of the time it's not one specific person, but a composite. A recent favorite was "aging, part-time model," where I just wore my hair down with a lot of black and leggings and severe lipstick without much eye makeup. Right now I'm leaning toward "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" by wearing my hair in a superhero-ish top knot and piling on bright colors and prints, and making sure something is always a little off. If you could banish one beauty trend forever, what would it be? I would banish banishing things. Who cares? We're all just having fun, right? I mean, don't hurt yourself or anything. But other than that, have fun and be creative and don't worry about what I, or anyone else, would prefer. What character trait do you think is the most important for inner beauty? Bravery.     BRIT MORIN Dubbed by the Los Angeles Times as “Silicon Valley's Martha Stewart,” Brit Morin is the founder and chief executive officer of Brit + Co., a lifestyle brand that teaches the digital generation savvy shortcuts to inspire their online and offline lives. Since starting the company in late 2011, Brit (the woman and the brand) has partnered with businesses like Intel, Fab, L'Oréal, YouTube, Alloy Media, 3M, Nikon and more. She has also been featured in publications like People StyleWatch, Forbes, USA Today and Inc., as well as on TV shows like NBC’s The Today Show. Brit is most interested in beauty trends that are new and innovative, but simple enough for any woman to learn and master. You’ll often find her DIY-ing her own beauty products (including nail polishlip gloss and makeup palettes), buying beauty gadgets or downloading beauty apps. Who is your beauty icon? Definitely Kelly Kapowski. That fluffy feathered hair, those bright blue eyes. What’s not to  love?! (Truth: I had a poster of her up on my wall for three straight years as a pre-teen.) If you could banish one beauty trend forever, what would it be? Permanent makeup! Getting tattoos of eyeliner or something similar sounds great at first, but your beauty preferences will evolve over time and you’ll regret it as you age. What's your most embarrassing beauty mishap? Three words: the highlight cap. I was a teenager and one of my girlfriends thought it would be fun to give me blonde highlights. Of course, using a box dye with a cap was the method we thought would be easiest for firsttime dyers. I looked like a skunk for a good six months straight as I waited for those streaks to grow out. Worst. Idea. Ever.     LAUREN COSENZA Legend has it Lauren Cosenza was born in high heels wearing lipstick. In her formative years, she studied the classics: Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Vogue, among others. Lauren asserts she was the only middle school student in the history of her hometown to have a subscription to W magazine, which served as beauty and fashion inspiration to a young girl who was (and still is) obsessed with color, texture, self-expression and transformation. After working at Cosmopolitan and Shape, Lauren—aka LDIVA—went on to become a professional makeup artist, the founder and blogger of DivaliciousBlog.com, a video personality and spokesperson, a published contributor and writer, a featured beauty/fashion expert, a brand and media consultant, a product junkie and, most of all, an insatiable style-seeker who loves sharing her finds with like-minded girls and boys. What's the best beauty advice you've ever been given? The best beauty advice comes from Audrey Hepburn: “I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.” There is a power and a confidence in women who invest in themselves, take care of themselves and express themselves. I say do the things that make you happy and be fiercely unapologetic about it. What's your beauty mantra? Always serve up your style with a side of attitude. Simply put, conformity is boring. Bold individuality is where the party’s at—and I’m not one to miss a party. When did you know you were going to be a beauty addict? I grew up with a close-knit group of best friends, who are still my best friends to this day! As very little kids, we would play pretend. Sometimes we played house, sometimes we were pop stars or famous actresses. But when I got to pick, I would pretend to apply makeup to my friends’ faces. And they got the (imaginary) works: foundation (which we called “base”), blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, brows. I even fake-spritzed them with fragrance. I have a much lighter hand in my (real) makeup routine now. But in defense of the younger me, it was the '80s!     JULIA CONEY Julia Coney is the creator of All About the Pretty, a niche lifestyle website dedicated to curated information on beauty, travel and yoga. She has a self-proclaimed insatiable obsession with skin care, lip products and fragrances. A Francophile at heart, Julia makes yearly trips to the City of Light for a hefty dose of beauty and life inspiration. The personal lifestyle and travel guru prides herself on being able to dole out advice on exclusive beauty products from Paris, the best sushi in Barbados, fashion week in New York, crawfish in New Orleans and custom lotion in Capri. In her spare time, Julia can be seen on her yoga mat always sporting a beloved lip gloss, or found probing and plotting her next getaway. Her motto is, “beauty is a lifestyle, not just a product.” When did you know you were going to be a beauty addict? I was seven years old, and my mother let me paint my nails with Revlon Red after I watched my grandma use the color. Beauty has been a fixation ever since. What character trait do you think is the most important for inner beauty? Honesty. Staying true to yourself and being authentic will always reflect on the outside. What's your most embarrassing beauty mishap? I had an ex-boyfriend walk in on my "full-body masque day." His questions began to come faster than I could think: "What are you doing? What is that on you? Why do you look like a sea creature? Why are you spread-eagle and naked on a towel? Why are you brown all over?" (The last one was a personal favorite. For the record, I am a dark-skinned African American and thus naturally brown.) I was mortified. I showered immediately in shame. But it was when I started applying moisturizer post-shower that the incident was all but a distant memory. Why? Because baby, despite the interruption, my newly revealed skin was like butter and nothing else mattered.


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