Jun 30, 2010
The world of Yves Saint Laurent has always been a bit provocative. But Lloyd Simmonds, the new international makeup artist for YSL cosmetics, would like to see it become even more risqué. “Yves Saint Laurent as a brand has such a mythical, magical history," he told Women's Wear Daily last week at the announcement of his new role with the cosmetics house. "It was never safe, always a little bit dangerous. Those are the things I really want to bring back [to the makeup]—a sense of excitement, a little shock.” Lloyd knows a thing or two about stirring up drama. In his 20+ years as a makeup artist, he's collaborated with some of the most avant garde magazines, including Vogue Italia, Glamour Italia, and Numéro, and done runway makeup for Lanvin, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana. A few more fun facts about him: 1. He was born in British Columbia. 2. His first big break came when did the makeup for a Benetton ad; he went on to do their campaigns for nearly 15 years. 3. He's done more than 70 covers for the international editions of Elle. 4. He's fluent in both French and Italian. In his new role with YSL, Lloyd will not only serve as a spokesperson, but also develop makeup. His first seasonal collection is slated to launch in fall 2011, and he'll contribute to other products including nail color. With such a dynamic background and flair for the racy, I can't wait to see what Lloyd comes up with for the iconic brand.


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