Julia DiNardo Dec 19, 2011
It's easy to rationalize why you shouldn't part with the old lipstick or eyeshadow that you've fallen in love with —it doesn't smell that bad! Debra Coleman Nally, Director of Research and Development for Maybelline New York, gave us some tough love advice to knowing definitively when to bid farewell to our beloved (er, old) beauty products. Q: What is the average lifespan for makeup? A: "There isn’t a specific expiration date after they have been opened and used, however with a little care a lipstick, powder blush, face powder or eye shadow could easily last and be safe for several of years. Meanwhile, foundation lasts about one year after opening and mascara and eyeliner should be replaced every three to six months." Q: Is there any way to extend the lifespan of makeup? A: "Some have been known to refrigerate face products to extend the shelf life, however it is best to contact the company first." Q: If I have a year-old lipstick that I've never opened, would it still be effective and fresh?  A: "Yes, an unopened lipstick should maintain its integrity as if you just brought it home from the store." Q: If my favorite blush shade is discontinued, is there any way I can make what I have left last longer? A: "You could use it sparingly but at some point you will use it up and need to replace it.  The best is to aggressively find a new shade that’s close, with perhaps a slightly more trendy look."


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