Oct 27, 2010
Magazines and Photoshop have had a tumultuous relationship over the past few years. When they're in sync, everything is just beautiful. But when Photoshop occasionally gets out of line, boy do magazines get the smackdown. The latest blow-up involves a Brazilian teen heartthrob magazine called Todateen Star. Its most recent cover (pictured above) features a close up of Justin Bieber gazing dreamily into the camera with his... smoky eyes? The Huffington Post reports that the magazine stands accused of fancying up the Biebs via Photoshop by adding a little eye shadow and lipstick to his face. The magazine responded with a statement (which the Huffington Post has here) vehemently denying that they'd altered the picture and blaming the makeup mishap on a "technical problem" that they claim darkened certain areas of the photo. Okay so that could explain the smoky eyes, but how does that account for his glossy pink lips?? Do you believe this is just a technical error, or do you think the magazine Photoshopped makeup on to Justin's face? PHOTO FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST


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