May 27, 2010
The Sex and The City ladies are once again bucking tradition and, in the process, possibly creating a new beauty trend (or rather, should we say, putting the kibosh on an old one).  Two days after Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on David Letterman wearing purple eye makeup that matched part of her outfit, the beauty girls over at posted the above photo of Kim Cattrall wearing a lilac lip gloss that's almost the exact same color as her dress. Now, we've been told numerous times by top makeup artists that you should never match your makeup to your clothes. They've told us it's cheesy, it's overkill, and it's usually not flattering. But we have to say, seeing these two superstars pull off the look so nicely this week, we're starting to rethink the idea. In the case of Sarah Jessica, it worked because it was a unique twist on the idea—she matched her eye makeup to her bra. How's that for sexing things up? And for Kim's look, even though it's more traditional, she chose a soft color to repeat, so the effect isn't jarring. What do you think of matching your makeup to your outfit? Do you think these two examples of the look are pretty? Let us know your thoughts. PHOTO FROM ALLURE.COM


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