Mar 11, 2010
The key is finding your cheekbones. Take your fingers and press them into your cheeks until you find your cheekbones. Feel exactly where they run. Most people don't take the time to do this. You want to take a warmer toned blush (I like Lancôme's Blush Subtil in Miel Glacé or Bronzed Rose) and apply right under the cheekbone as a contour, from the ear to approximately two fingertips before the nose. Then, take a clear pink color (I'm loving the new Blush Subtil in Pink L'Amour) and apply to the apples in an upwards motion. Remember, under cheekbones apply in, apples apply out. If you're older, you might find the apples have fallen a bit. If so, apply your blush a little above the actual apple. Not so high up that it's right under your eye, but enough that it fakes the look of being on your apple. To clean up any hard lines or excess product, take a clean brush and blend. Don't use your fingers and don't wipe or rub too hard, or you risk removing everything you just did. I hope this answers your question, Robby. Please leave a comment if you have a follow-up question. Love, Sandy


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