A great mascara is the easiest and best way to enhance your eyes. But with so many products on the market, how do you know which to choose? The key is finding a formula that meets your needs. Here are my favorites. For long and lean lashes If you want defined, yet natural-looking eyelashes, choose a lengthening mascara. Thin and short bristle wands make it easy to apply light layers that add dimension and length while avoiding clumps. For full-bodied flare Whether adding drama or plumping up sparse lashes, opt for thickening mascara. The longer, denser bristles will distribute more product while the thicker formula adds body and volume. For smudge-free smolder Eye shape, rubbing, and humidity can all contribute to smudging. For smear-free lashes, try tube formula mascara. Instead of using a mix of oil and wax like most products, tubing mascara uses an acrylic copolymer that binds together as it dries, forming a rubbery cocoon around each lash. For waterproof devotees If tears, sweat or water are in the forecast, choose a lengthening or thickening waterproof formula. For multitasking magic These are the formulas that do a little bit of everything, and are perfect for everyday wear. What is your favorite mascara?


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