If you can't get enough of Pinterest and wish you had more time to find the best beauty looks on the photo-sharing site, this column is for you. Each week we highlight a coveted hairstyle, makeup technique or nail design with a popular following, and get the tips and tricks for creating it from the person behind the original pin. Sheila Arkee, who assembled this striking jade shadow effect, helped us for this edition.  Sheila Arkee of Painted Ladies first created this black smoky eye alternative in anticipation of Halloween, but her followers agreed that it would also make a perfect look for the post-October holidays. What you need: How to do it: Step 1: Prep your lids with the flesh-colored eye shadow or primer. Step 2: Blend black eye shadow along your outer corners and into your creases. Tip: “Use a fluffy brush to make sure the edges are well-blended,” Arkee says. Step 3: Using an eyeliner brush, sweep the same black eye shadow along your lower lash lines. Step 4: Color in your lids from the lash lines just to your creases with the green metallic cream eye shadow. Step 5: Pat the green eye shadow over the cream you just applied. Layering powder over the creamy base will give you “maximum color impact,” Arkee says. Step 6: Blend the matte bone eye shadow along your brow bones and at the inner corners of your eyes. Step 7: Line your top lash lines with the black liquid eyeliner. Tip: If you’re not a liquid-liner pro, try “using a pencil liner beforehand as a stencil,” Arkee says. Step 8: Line the inner rims of your eyes with the black eyeliner pencil. Step 9: Finish by applying mascara.

Photo: Courtesy of Sheila Arkee


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