Caitlin Larwood Dec 12, 2012
Recording artist and actress Jennifer Hudson wore a flawless look at this year’s Lucky Shops event in Manhattan. Bouncing curls, luminous skin, defined eye shadow and a very light pink lip complemented a long cardigan, bright hotpants, tights and ankle boots. We were able to meet her before she made her way around the event, and get the inside scoop on her beauty routine, being a mom and her dream duet. Your skin is flawless. What is your beauty routine? When I’m not working, I prefer not to wear makeup. I want my skin to be able to breathe. I do not believe in using a lot of products on my face. I like for my skin to stay in a natural state as much as possible. When I’m in dry places, I try to moisturize. That’s pretty much it! Are there certain colors in terms of cosmetics that you lean toward? I like to have fun with my face, and highlight my favorite features. That changes from time to time. One minute it’s my eyes, and next it’s my lips. Right now I’m into the nude lip, or soft pink lip. I only highlight one thing at a time. I don’t want my face looking like a clown with too much going on. What is it like being a mom? It really is such a blessing, and definitely a lot of work at the same time. My little munchkin, David, is three now. He’s getting ready for the holidays, and even has his own little Christmas tree. He loves to walk around dressed up like a superhero. Right now he dresses up as Superman. Everywhere we go, nobody’s thinking about me; they are like, is that Superman? If you could do a duet with one artist, who would it be? I would have to say, right now, Alicia Keys. She’s amazing. Another one—I wish Missy would come back. I would love to do something with Missy Elliott.




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